Jesus and World Vision

Jesus, World Vision{UPDATE: World Vision reversed its decision to change its hiring policy and apologized for the error in judgment.}

Do you sponsor a child through World Vision?

Maybe you’ve read the news that World Vision has changed its hiring policy. The Christian relief organization has relaxed its policy against hiring those in a same-sex union.

Many Christians, including the Billy Graham Association, have spoken out against the policy change. Many other Christians are supporting the move and say too much is being made of nothing.

I have sponsored my World Vision child for several years. I served at World Vision as a Special Events volunteer until one day during a training I noticed the organization’s policy against “proselytizing”. That’s a fancy way of saying they don’t always share the gospel.

My American friends who live in Christian communities said they have been encouraged to share the gospel as World Vision volunteers. The same is not true in areas like mine where Christianity is not the norm. I can only conclude that World Vision promotes the label “Christian” where it is popular and downplays the same label where ┬áit is unpopular.

Popularity is not what drove our Lord Jesus Christ.

He calls His followers to be set apart from the world system. My relationship with Jesus began when He led me to Matthew 10:34-37. He revealed something crucial about Himself to me at the very beginning of my Christian walk through this Scripture. He’s not wishy-washy and He won’t accept halfway devotion.

Through the Holy Spirit’s guidance, I decided to stop volunteering at World Vision and serve instead through organizations that put the gospel of Jesus Christ front and center. I would not have considered withdrawing sponsorship of my World Vision child, however.

I now serve with Gospel for Asia, Power to Change (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) and Pregnancy Care Center, all of which encourage and, in fact, insist on proclaiming the saving power of faith in Jesus Christ as their central focus. We don’t honor Him when we promote His name where it’s popular and deny Him when it’s not.

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  1. Laura, well put and straightforward. You have a true servant’s heart.

  2. The Bible in context, as many Christians understand it, does not speak to same-sex committed relationships but rather cult worship and adulterous acts. Many faithful and Bible loving Christians affirm, support, and love our Christian brothers and sisters who are gay. We do celebrate their committed relationships and we affirm that they can bear good fruits as God made them. We believe God speaks still through the Bible. While we cannot say definitively, “God says…” (no one can but God) we believe the spirit moves and is finally, finally opening our hearts.

  3. Not all popular are righteous! We must be able to stand to what we believe in!

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