God fills an empty cup

Jesus, Church, empty cupDo you enjoy helping others?

Getting home after a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is answer emails from troubled teens. But God’s work needs to be done.

I know I won’t be any good to those girls if I come to the laptop with half a heart. So, before I begin my replies, I make myself a cup of tea and relax with a library book: “The Reason for My Hope” by Billy Graham. I fill my empty cup with the words of this great evangelist and then I turn to the word of God for more filling up through the gospel of Mark.

Mark 9:24 says, “I believe; help my unbelief!” How many times have I called this out to God, whether out loud or under the surface?

Now I am ready to give my full heart to the girls and respond with God’s love rather than my hurried flesh.

When I finish my emails I receive a text from the publisher of the Christian newspaper which I deliver monthly as a volunteer driver. He’s in my neighborhood and asks would I rather receive the papers tonight or tomorrow. I sense tonight would be easier for him but I am so tired. I resist the urge to people please and tell him to come tomorrow.

I am slowly learning to resist the first reaction of my flesh which is to cater to others before myself. I’ve learned that it’s not pop psychology to fill up your own cup before filling others. You can’t pour out from an empty cup. I have to let Him fill me up before I can be of help to others.

I dishonor Him when I do His work without joy, out of a sense of duty, or to please anyone other than Him. I am slowly learning what it means to say God looks at the intent of the heart and not the works.

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  1. Such good insights here, and so true. May the Lord continue to fill your cup so that you may be an ongoing blessing to others. Visiting from #TellHisStory ..

  2. How I needed to hear these words today! Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings

    • laurakimconnell@gmail.com says:

      Awesome, Maggie! Thanks for reading and responding. Your comment encourages me.

  3. Such wisdom here. I am so guilty of running fumes and nearly running out before I remind myself to stop and refuel…physically and emotionally. Great reminder to me today. thank you. Stopped by from Jennifer Lee’s link up.

    • laurakimconnell@gmail.com says:

      Thanks for blessing me with your comment! These linkups are great for getting to know other bloggers.

  4. Thank you so much Laura for this reminder. I have been trying to please others yet my cup is so empty. Your post reminded me to stop and take a break so that I fully give myself to them. :) I stopped over from Holley Gerth and Coffee for Your Heart. Thanks for filling my cup up. Be blessed!

    • laurakimconnell@gmail.com says:

      Hi Brandi, thanks for your encouraging words. I’m really pleased the post was a pleasant reminder to take good care.

  5. Such truth here! I’m from Holley’s site, and I just read someone else’s post about the difference between being a sink and being a faucet Christian. The first just soaks up, but the other pours out. However, don’t we all need to do a little soaking before we can pour out on others? Those girls are blessed to have you.

    • laurakimconnell@gmail.com says:

      Thanks for visiting, Amy! So glad to meet you and I love the analogy you share here. I am learning every day how to be effective in my walk with Him.

  6. How true this is. “You can’t pour out from an empty cup. I have to let Him fill me up before I can be of help to others.” And I just read the verse from John 3:30 today on how He must become greater in our lives and we must become less. We become less so He can fill us with more and more of Him…to the point of overflowing.
    Good reflections, Laura. May our cups be overflowing…

    • laurakimconnell@gmail.com says:

      I love that, Beth. May the overflow pour out onto all around us.

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