Reach out: Five-minute Friday

reach out

I’ve read a number of posts lately on reaching out to others. Like you, I’ve reached out many times and sometimes been disappointed. We reach out with enthusiasm and get a lukewarm response. We reach out again and see the proverbial hand in front of our faces.   The ones who reach out to us are not always good for us. We have to reach out a little further with God’s help. After becoming a Christian I had months and months of reaching out over and over again and getting nowhere. I found in the church a lot of lip service given […]

Quitting Thursday Linkup + women pastors

Today’s featured post from last week’s linkup is Truth, Opinions, and Popularity from Counting My Blessings. According to Deb Wolf: Social media is the playground where popularity has become more important than truth.” She adds: “I’m afraid we’ve become kids who believe that popularity is more important than character. That what people think about us defines us. That being part of the “in” crowd guides our choices, or at least our choice of words. As Jesus followers we have to go to the Bible as our source of truth, not the changing tides of culture. That brings me to a topic on my heart this week: women pastors. I […]

Focus on the Family life lessons

focus on the family

I receive a free magazine from Focus on the Family called Thriving Family. It arrives monthly as an add-on to my daughter’s Clubhouse subscription. Thumbing through the latest edition last night, I experienced more than one a-ha moment and wanted to share with you what I learned. 1. Middle schoolers live in a bubble. That’s why they only hear part of what you say half the time. I can’t count how many times my almost-11-year-old has been surprised by something I’ve already told her 2 or 3 times. “Since when…?” or “Why didn’t you tell me?” is an oft-heard accusation. Her teen […]

Change is easy: not change is hard


I’ve never understood why people say “change is hard.” I say “not change is hard”. I’ve never had trouble with change. I’m troubled by not change. The first half of my life I spent stifled by people who hate change. The thing about people who resist change is that they will do anything to stay where they are. They will lie, justify and insist on being right so they can not change. That means you who longs for change must be wrong. I remember moving into a big cookie cutter home in a suburban subdivision. A practical decision for a growing […]

Quitting Thursday Linkup: Christians and Depression


  Today’s featured post from last week’s linkup is “Can Christians be Depressed?” from Essential Thing Devotions. It was difficult to pick only one among the many fine entries. I enjoyed reading and sharing your posts and would like to express my gratitude to each blogger who linked up. Last week saw the internet filled with stories about the death of comedic treasure Robin Williams and how depression kills. Mel’s featured post discusses the topic of depression in Christian circles where it is often considered taboo. The stigma around depression can add to its already isolating and shame-inducing effects. Can Christians expression depression? Does […]

How to keep a prayer journal

prayer, prayer journal, God, Christian

Have you ever felt like your prayers aren’t being answered? “Sometimes it feels like my prayers just hit the ceiling and don’t go anywhere,” is how a mentee described it to me. Feel is the operative word here. God hears our prayers whether we feel as though He does  or not. Prayer is a powerful tool in the hands of a believer. Sometimes our prayers get answered without us noticing, perhaps because some time has passed since the request. Then, we forget to give praise to God for His gift. Anne Graham Lotz gave me the idea of keeping a prayer […]

Tell the truth: just what is the truth anyway?

tell the truth

Tell the truth, people love to say. But what is the truth, anyway? Moral relativism says there is no absolute truth. Truth changes with the times. What was true 20 years ago is no longer true today. Truth depends on what most people believe. Tell the truth has become “tell YOUR truth”. Growing up I was confused by all the different versions of truth I was being told. Which one was accurate? Finally, I discovered the truth and where it’s found. The truth is found in the Bible and in the words of Jesus. The truth does not ebb and […]

Robin Williams, Matt Damon, and Oprah + Linkup

robin williams

When I first heard about Robin Williams’ suicide, I thought, “I wonder what Matt Damon will have to say about that?” Whenever Robin Williams is mentioned, I envision he and Damon on that park bench in Good Will Hunting. The second thing I thought when I heard about Robin Williams’ death was “he’s a recovered alcoholic, isn’t he?” And then, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” That was one of the slogans in my recovery program. When Robin Williams died I thought, “he’s an addict and that’s what addicts do.” The wages of sin is death. Why him and […]

Psalm 23: in the presence of my enemies

psalm 23

The pastor at my church is preaching on Psalm 23 this summer: verse by verse. On Sunday he spoke about Psalm 23 verse 5: You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. He spoke about the fact that if you are walking in Christian faith you will encounter enemies. These enemies could be members of your own household. Your enemy might be your boss at work. Maybe it’s your next door neighbor. Maybe your enemy is yourself. The pastor brought tears to my eyes when he shared about his battle […]

Five-minute Friday: Fill

shoes to fill, five minute friday

“You’ve got some mighty big shoes to fill,” the nurse exclaimed when she heard whom I was replacing. For a split second I doubted whether I was good enough for this new role. But God gave me this task and I read just today that God qualifies the ones He calls rather than calling the qualified. And since when have I ever been good enough to fill any one of the amazing roles God has gifted me with? Who in tarnation can say she is good enough to be a mother? Jen Hatmaker’s hilarious post on why she’s the worst end-of-school-year mother in […]